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2255 - TGML Graphics

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This course is designed for the control system project, software, or application engineer or service technician who needs to create TGML graphics.  The course presents the skills and techniques necessary to design organized and complete graphics, making system operation easier and more efficient.

This is an online instructor led course that is offered via the Technical Training Services (TTS) virtual classroom.   Students attend the program from anywhere they have access to the Internet and connect to the classroom via the web for instructional sessions as indicated in the class overview. 

Beginning the second day of the class, students will be given a graphics creation assignment to complete after the instructional sessions.  These assignments will also require students to connect to the virtual classroom. This assignment MUST be completed and submitted for grading by Friday of the class week to receive credit for the course.   

This class requires attendance to three consecutive days of 2-hour instructional sessions and the completion of a graphics creation assignment.  The virtual classroom will be available 24 hours a day for assignment completion.  The total time investment will be 9 to 12 hours.

Prerequisite Student Knowledge and Course Completion

  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of Windows 2000/XP environment

Course Methodology

  • This is a remote classroom based program. 
  • Each student must establish a classroom environment at his or her office from which they will attend class via an internet connection to the virtual classroom. 
  • During class, students will connect simultaneously to the instructor’s presentation via WebEx and their second connection will be to an assigned personal computer in the lab. 
  • Students will see the instructor’s presentation just as they would in a resident classroom and they will complete lab assignments via their second connection to the lab. 
  • The instructor will be available during designated hours to assist with the graphics assignment through Friday of the class week.

Required Equipment

  • Students must have a computer with high-speed Internet access, Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater and administrative access.
  • The student must have dual monitor and extended desktop capability during the course.
  • Students are not required to have any particular software on their own PC.  

Course Objective

Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to apply the tools and features to competently and efficiently design and edit graphics. 

Course Overview

  • Day 1:  Instructional Session Only
    •  Introduce community.tac.com/community/area360/the-graphics-exchange 
    • Highlight TGML editor features via graphics demonstration database
    • Introduce Graphics Editor tool
    • Discuss available libraries and create custom components and snippet
    • Create a practice graphic together using TGML tools
  • Day 2: Instructional Session and Homework
    • Continue with the practice graphic
    • Create bindings in Workstation
    • Begin graphic creation assignmen
      • This assignment MUST be completed and submitted for grading by Friday of the class week to receive credit for the course.   
  • Day 3:  Instructional Session and Homework
    • Use the Database Export/Import function to re-use graphics between networks
    • Demo the process for creating standard graphics
    • Continue and complete graphic creation assignment
      • This assignment MUST be completed and submitted for grading by Friday of the class week to receive credit for the course.   

Instructions for Remote Login to Class

Remote login instructions and materials for class will be available via the registration website one week prior to the scheduled class date. 

  1. Go to http://lcregistration.tac-americas.com 
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select User Home
  4. Select Manage Class Registrations
  5. Click Course Documents and download the login instructions and materials

If you need further assistance, please contact Nicole Zakrewski (978.975.9598).

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